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Voted Best Traction Innovation by Review Board Magizine

Traffic Counter

Hi Tech Replacement for Chains and Cables


Another Patent Development Company

Tired of Tire Chains? "They’re difficult to put on, won’t stay put, and

damage your vehicle (as well as others)  when they come off !"

Made for demanding applications!   Off-Roading


Commercial and Military Applications    We use Flex Trax to make our own deliveries


Flex Trax will not damage your vehicle like chains and cables
and you do not have to uninstall once you hit bare pavement!

Looking for an alternative traction device?

We have a simple solution!

Simple one minute install & only 30 seconds to remove!


*Performance Video

Great for hunters and fishermen!

Outdoor Enthusiast Love GoClaws!

Worked flawlessly!

"The Go Claws can be used for offroad mudin and snow instead of just on the highway like the Sno Claws. They were used on a 2wd Chevy after I was already stuck in about a foot of mud/snow and worked flawlessly!"


GoClaws work well in mud, sand and slippery grass!

Ski Lodge Operator says,

"...traction to spare.... !"

Ski Business

GoClaws 2660 (above)

"This is to let you know that I purchased a set of the Go Claws online and they worked very well!

We drive the van right up the mountain with traction to spare....

and we now have a RWD 15 Passenger Van that will go anywhere in the winter, thanks to the GoClaws.."

Steve Goettler

What is the difference between GoClaws and SnoClaws?

Both Models Are Quick & Easy!
One Minute Installation per Tire!


GoClaws Installation


SnoClaws Installation

Flex-Trax *FACTS  

  • No need to move or jack up vehicle during installation.           
  • Can be installed even if vehicle is stuck.                                    
  • Works well in mud, sand, and snow.                                          
  • Much more durable than metal chains, Sox  and cables.           
  • Urethane rubber will not damage roads or driveways.              
  • 50-60% more surface area contact than tire chains and cables!   
  • Wide range of adjustment for use on various vehicles.             

"I love your product as it works well for my truck and car!"


David Lee

Intl Review

Listen as you Browse our Site!
4X4 Podcast
16 Minute Highly Informative
Interview with Inventor
Note* Starts at 54:40
Producer Dan Cole

Inventor Stress

"Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges.

You then have to catch up with them."

Sir Richard Branson

Auto Channel

"I enjoy using my Snowclaw Tire Chain for plowing my driveway, they do not damge the surface and they work great!

These Snowclaws are awesome!"

Thanks, Jeff

Drivers should always exercise caution and be observant of adverse driving conditions. The use of these products are not a substitute for safe driving or proper judgment by the vehicle driver.  Use common sense!

"I am so happy with Go Claws! I have been in the snow in the rocky mountains of Colorado,

and in the mud in Imperial valley Ca., and I never got stuck. Go claws are the best.  Yes!"


TRUSTe Celebrates 15 years

Test Proven now for over 15 Years!

Flex Trax will not damage your vehicle like chains and cables
and you do not have to uninstall once you hit bare pavement!

We’ve tested them for over 800 miles on dry hot pavement with very little wear to the trax!

"I have owned My SnoClaws Flex trax for over 8 Years. They have helped Me out of some situations of Knee deep Snow! this was done twice just to put them to the test. I did not have the ability to roll on to them like the way You have to install chains. I was stuck in place but with My SnoClaws Installed I pulled right out of the spot that had My 4 wheel drive at a stand still and was on My way.

I will never buy chains again...Thanks SnoClaws!!"
Stephen B

All Vehicles require traction!

Secret to our incredible traction

is within the "TRAX" they leave behind!


GoClaws # 3640 (below)

Attractive yet functionable Advanced Traction Technology!

New urethane straps makes SnoClaws more rugged!

"T" series for 2014 Season


Now with durable urethane straps!

In stock and ready for immediate delivery!

(same material as GoClaws)

SnoClaws # T-33-6-1 (below)


We are not tire chains, and proud of it!

Flex Trax is Proudly Made in the USA
We are Proud of our 15 YEARS IN BUSINESS &
Zero damage to vehicles, tires, wheels and roadways!

"...Done a superb job!"
"We have used the SnoClaws in the last few snowstorms, (one of which was 10 inches in one day)
and they have done a superb job getting us around to deliver equipment and ice melt in a timely manner.

Thanks again for making a great product!"
Adam Hiltbrunner

*Over 15 years of rigorous testing have been performed by independent sources.
Many of our clients are reporting + 6-8 years in service.

During this time* we have been fortunate in servicing tens of thousands of axle sets for a wide variety of applications

all over the USA, Australia, South America, Europe and Canada. 

Unique Omni-Directional Chambers!

Unique Traction Technology

Unique SnoClaws and GoClaws provide tremendous lateral traction (support loads in all directions)

which is a key safety feature as this helps to keep you moving in a straight line of travel.

Police Applications


We help Service Business & Municipalities to keep on the Go!

First Responder to recent snowstorm in Georgia shipped in many various traction aids from all over the USA.

Flex Trax was determined to be the preferred traction system by the Fleet Mgr for durability and ease of use!

Just a few of our loyal customers....Fort Worth Fire Dept, Pell City Police Dept, Coastal Marine Transport, TDOT, FedEx Ground Service, Life Force Emergency Services, Georgia Power Company, Chattanooga Police Dept, Terminix, Mineral Bluff Sheriff Office, City of Salem, City Of Moody, OK Shuttle Services, Alaska State Patrol, Dept of Homeland Security, Ranier Police Dept, US Forestry Service, US Army, Daytona Beach Patrol, AT&T Fleet Dept, Holland School District, Collinsville Police Dept, Asheville Fire Dept, JFK Airport Services, City of Fairbanks, Cherokee EMS, Nebraska Public Power, Moe's Wrecker Service, Lake Tahoe Special Delivery Services, Maryland Mass Transit, Cohutta EMS etc....

We also service personal vehicle requirements!

What is your size?

Boxed per axle set for two tires.

Like sizing a T-Shirt, SM, MED, LG & XXL

What is your size?

Prices begin at $149.95 per axle set plus S& H

and this includes our 1 year warranty!


Free Vinyl Zipper Storage Bag with every set!

Order online


People see these things and say,

"I gotta have a set for my vehicle!"

"When I showed him the SnoClaw he ask "what they were?" 

I explained "that’s what I just used to get me up the hill...  They’re AWESOME!"

 Brian Johnson

Looks as good as they perform!

“The SnoClaws performed beyond my expectations!

Thank you for a great product...
I really got my money's worth!"

Cordially,  Robert  Smutek

The SnoClaws tire traction system, from the maker of GoClaws, features a ratchet fastening system.

No difficulties whatsoever...

Strap on some Trax and get going!


"Its really amazing how well they work!"

"I have an AWD Element and I tried them out in deep snow

and on the front wheels, with no difficulties whatsoever...

I would highly recommend them !!!

I can't wait to try them out in the sand and mud."


Bird hunter's thoughts

                     "...they grip like a tick on your best bird dog!"                        


                       Customer Comments


"Long story short: FLEX-TRAX have gotten me out of some dicey situations involving heavy snow and sheer ice where I otherwise would have been completely stuck."

Carl Himpsel-Boulder, CO

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Modern Tire Dealer

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Tony Bright Inventor, Founder, CEO  During a visit to an auto parts store, Bright examined the tire chains hanging on the display in front of him...

We deliver to Dealers within 100 mile radius!

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Tony helps others reach their Dreams

Inventor D. Anthony Bright Awards

  “Krusi Innovation of the Year Award”

1st place Award for “Best Traction Device” Truckin Magazine

and Editor’s choice from a consumer-reporting agency, (Review Board Magazine),

1st place Winner of technology Award issued by the State of Tennessee in 2004, 

“Entrepreneur of the Year” 2005 by SBA and TSBDC,

National Leadership Award / Business Advisory Council 2006.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do!"
-- Steve Jobs

Hunters and Fishermen Love GoClaws

About Us

Patent Development Company, LLC
Tony Bright Inventor, Founder, CEO

"The Quality of your life is the sum of all of your Actions" D. Anthony Bright

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