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Hi Tech Replacement for Chains and Cables

Patent Development Company


"It was determined that 44% of the snow chains deployed on snow removal vehicles broke
during the snowstorm cleanup!"

What is the $$$ Value of cheap snow chains?

Patrolman Lehr and his partner were on patrol on the Grand Central Parkway when his partner began to feel ill. They pulled the car over at the station and the partner went inside, while Patrolman Lehr remained in the car. Unknown to the Patrolman Lehr, carbon monoxide was leaking into the car through a small hole in the trunk caused by broken snow chains.

When the partner returned a half hour later, he found Patrolman Lehr unconscious in the patrol car. He died before reaching a hospital.

Read more:
Over $250,000 Damaged Chains Reported from one snowfall!!!

A pile of broken chains have SCRAP VALUE!

Create Something Better

Cheap chains will cost you very little until you have to use them!

What is the $$$ actual cost of cheap snow chains?

Actual cost of cheap chain and cables

Eric Dehond, left, and Dakota Paciorkowski help push out a stuck motorist outside Buffalo, NY. AP photo

When the cheap chains and cables get wrapped around your axle and brake lines,

you may require bolt cutters to remove the rusty entanglement!

Firefighters from West End Hose Company in Depew help a stuck motorist on Transit Road near George Urban Boulevard, Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014.  (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

Are you looking for a LOGICAL Alternative Traction Device? One that will provide years of trouble free service? We offer the Logical Alternative!
Tired of Tire Chains?
Looking for an Alternative Traction Device?

We have a Logical yet simple solution!

Simple one minute install & only 30 seconds to remove!

Click on me to see actual 1 minute Installation. Click on video below to see actual test performed above Lake Tahoe, Vail Colorado, The UP of Michigan and the Great Smokey Mtns.

*Performance Video


"Simple is Better! "


Military, Fire, & EMS Enjoy the many benefits of Flex Trax.   SnoClaws for small car to large truck   Off-Roading

              Commercial and Military Applications   We use Flex Trax to make our own deliveries   Made for demanding applications!   

     Why Install Cheap Tire Chains onto your Nice Wheels?   GoClaws when you must GO!!!

     Overcomes all the problems associated with Snow Chains.

Flex-Trax © Options

& Canada
Flex Trax is Proudly Made in the USA

What is the difference between GoClaws and SnoClaws?

Answer: Same Trax, different fasteners is all.

Both Models Use the Same Trax Technology
Are Quick & Easy!

One Minute Installation per Tire!


GoClaws Installation


SnoClaws Installation

Traditional Methods to Attain Traction in Adverse Conditions

Snow tires are expensive, with marginal performance and used only a few months out of the year.
Snow Chains have remained virtually the same for over 100 Years!
These Out-Dated Snow chains can be cumbersome to install,
Damage your nice vehicle, and will rust between seasons.
It is not only a Design Flaw, or even the incapacity of Chain Manufacturers to keep up with the Current Technology,
The fact of the matter is; these Companies are solely in the Business of producing steel chain and cables, and this will never change.
So, why does anyone buy these things? Obviously, Due to the lack of anything better...

Until Now!

Award Winning  & Environmentally Friendly   
GoClaws Trax assembly
Unique Benefits of the

Logical Alternative ©


15 years of in field testing has proven the durabilty and value added benefits of Flex Trax.
SnoClaws # T-43-6-1

We help others to be good Stewards to our Environment.

Radio Interview with Inventor

4X4 Podcast


Flex Trax will not rust, or damage your vehicle like chains and cables
and being durable Recycled urethane rubber, you do not have to uninstall once you hit bare pavement!

You will experience variable conditions in travel to your destination. With our product you may continue on even if you hit bare pavement as opposed to tirechains and Auto Sox that must be removed immediately or else suffer extreme damage to the traction materials.

GoClaws # 3640 above

FlexTrax:  "Have had your system for a couple years- and they work great!

"...Feeling sorry for those with the very inadequate cable chains- they are not good for hills or re-starting on any incline. 

The FlexTrax/ Go Claw’s have no trouble with this."

 Thanks::  John Norton

   Big Bear Lake, CA

Patented Omni-Directional Chambers!

(Helps to prevent skidding sideways)

   Works well in slippery grass, mud, sand, snow and snow packed ice.

Secret to the "Grip-no-Slip" traction

Spinning your wheels?
You have the power to change direction of wheel with your mind!
Strap on Some Trax and Get Going!

"I am so happy with Go Claws! I have been in the snow in the rocky mountains of Colorado,

and in the mud in Imperial valley Ca., and I never got stuck. Go claws are the best.  Yes!"


We are Proud of our 15 YEARS IN BUSINESS &
Zero damage to vehicles, tires, wheels and roadways!

"I enjoy using my Snowclaw Tire Chain for plowing my driveway, they do not damge the surface and they work great!

These Snowclaws are awesome!"

Thanks, Jeff

GoClaws work well in mud, sand and slippery grass!

Ski Lodge Operator says,

"...traction to spare.... !"

Ski Business

GoClaws 2660 (above)

GoClaws 2660 works well with full size trucks, suv and vans.

"This is to let you know that I purchased a set of the Go Claws online and they worked very well!

We drive the van right up the mountain with traction to spare....

and we now have a RWD 15 Passenger Van that will go anywhere in the winter, thanks to the GoClaws.."

Steve Goettler

These snow chains are not as easy to install as SnoClaws!!!

Suffer from Tire Chain related Anxiety  / Stress ?

        Customer Comments


You can't make anything Idiot Proof, but Flex Trax is the closest thing I've found!

Randall Craig Schultz

We offer "Peace of Mind!"

"I have personally tested these and would trust my family's safety to them implicitly.

I am in my 60's and able to install them in under 3 minutes! I find their ease of use gives me great peace of mind."

           John Ahrens

        Drivers should always exercise caution and be observant of adverse driving conditions. The use of these products are not a substitute for safe driving or proper judgment by the vehicle driver.  Use common sense!

"Simply a wrapper for a solution to a consumer problem"

" I've been using GoClaw for 7-8 years, but they are finally wearing out,
and I need to get a new set...
Thanks,  Kurt Scheurer "

"Well worth the money!"

"Finally got an opportunity to use our Flex Trax on a Trolley Bus - dual wheels on the rear. Started snowing halfway through a 6 hour gig. Driver stopped and put 'em on. First time using them. Driver said the (positive) difference was immediately noticeable.
6" of new snow in a few hours - didn't faze the Trolley after the Flex Trax units were put on.
No more fears with Flex Trax!
This will open up opportunities for winter use and winter revenue in the Trolley business...Well worth the money!"
John Allin 
Founder of *SIMA
*(Snow & Ice Management Association)

Flex Trax is Proudly Made in the USA

About Us

~Let's Recap~

    Flex-Trax *Solutions  

  • No need to move or jack up vehicle during installation.                     
  • Can be installed even if vehicle is stuck.                                             
  • Works well in mud, sand, snow, & Snow Packed Ice.                         
  • Omni-Directional Chambers © Supports the load in all Directions!   
  • Much more durable than metal chains.                                                
  • Customers report 6-8 years service life!                                              
  • Urethane rubber will not damage roads or driveways.                       
  • Traction Pad 10 times stronger than Tire materials.                           
  • 50-60% more surface area contact than tire chains and cables!       
  • Wide range of adjustment for use on various vehicles.                      
  • We are a Green USA Company!                                                            
  • Keep vehicle clean with included storage bag.                                   

Tool of the Month

Drivers should always exercise caution and be observant of adverse driving conditions. The use of these products are not a substitute for safe driving or proper judgment by the vehicle driver.  Use common sense!

Government, Municipalities and Service Industries

The strongest El Niño in 50 years will unfold this winter and significantly alter the chances for a White Christmas across the country.

  Flex Trax is not Cheap Tire Chains, but Cheap Is!
Wide range of Adjustment
Like sizing a T-Shirt

(To Fit Two TIRES)

SM    $149.95

MED  $199.95

LG     $219.95

XL     $229.95

XXL   $249.95

How to Order


      Find your tire size 

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"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do!"
-- Steve Jobs

Inventor D. Anthony Bright Awards
Tony helps others reach their Dreams

  “Krusi Innovation of the Year Award”

1st place Award for “Best Traction Device” Truckin Magazine

and Editor’s choice from a consumer-reporting agency, (Review Board Magazine),

1st place Winner of technology Award issued by the State of Tennessee in 2004, 

“Entrepreneur of the Year” 2005 by SBA and TSBDC,

National Leadership Award / Business Advisory Council 2006.

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It's completely amazing!

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Patent Development Company, LLC

During a visit to an auto parts store, Bright examined the tire chains hanging on the display in front of him...

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