It was after dark that evening once he had the urethane rubber tracks finally secured to the wheels of his rear-wheel-drive Van. He started off down his driveway and backed around his house where there was a steep incline leading into a power line road. To his amazement the tracks were not spinning at all, as he drudged through 8”-10” of slippery slimy mud and rain soaked grass. The street tires on this van could not have even made it off the main driveway without this traction innovation, but here he was effortlessly climbing muddy trails following the power lines through the hills behind his home. This was the Eureka Moment when Tony first realized that he had created something Very Special! "Most Interesting Man in the World!" His character as "every guy's fantasy," and "Every Girl's Dream", whose old-world charm and "rustic elegance" contrast with today, when "the days of gentlemen and chivalry are long since gone. However; Was the true-to-life Experience of this Flex-Trax Inventor his unfortunate- Shark Attack # 2 ? It was an interesting trip, as every single available Lady that came in contact with Ellis along the way, would not only flirt with him, but a few of these strangers were hanging all over him. It was as if Ellis had some magical seductive cologne or something! At that time Tony realized- Ellis was truly- “The Most Interesting Man in the world!”

The Ultra-Premium Traction Device!

          What makes Ultra-Trax™ a better choice for Alternative Traction?

This advanced engineering design, coupled with the use of revolutionary Duratanium™, the very best high-performance injection-molded materials available, produces extremely tough products.

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                        Ultra-Trax™ from the makers of Flex-Trax™,
                SnoClaws™, Goclaws™, SnoBootz™, and WeatherClaws™


Contact Details: 2765 Michigan Ave Road NE Cleveland , TN 37323 Customer Service: 423-244-8030 Technical Support: 423-244-8454 Fax: 423-790-7368

Certified Wholesaler

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No eBay Sales and No Amazon Sales. Ultra-Trax™ an advanced alternative traction product designed to replace snow-chains are made of an extremely durable polyurethane material, stainless steel weather-resistant hardware , which does no damage to the user's tires or vehicle as chains and cables often do. Easy to use and can be applied quickly without the use of a jack or any special tools, even while stuck. Will drop-ship for accounts of Automotive Accessory Retailers only.

Certified Wholesaler

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